District Exemption Policy

Students who have three absences or fewer per class period, have maintained a 90% or better
in a course and were enrolled at Franklin on 1st day of the semester, are exempt from taking the
fall semester final. Three unexcused tardies equal one absence for exemption purposes only.

Absences due to religious holidays and school sponsored activities are not counted against the
total number of absences when determining exemptions. Absences due to college visits are
counted against the student when determining exemptions. College visits are not considered a
school related absence, unless the student brings in a letter from the admission's office verifying
they were there for an official college visit (up to one school day only per semester: juniors and
seniors only).

Students may request to take the final exam if they are exempt. The higher of the two averages
(with and without the exam) will be used in grade reporting. Please let Mrs. Sterling know
in advance.

All students MUST be in attendance everyday of finals each semester to be counted for average
daily attendance per state guidelines. Any student who arrives 15 minutes late will be marked
absent, and arrangements will be made to take the final exam after the last day of the semester.
All non-exempt students must be in attendance in the classroom for the review and the test.
Teachers are not to release non-exempt students after the morning or afternoon reviews. Any
student who is exempt but is not in attendance for the morning review period will receive a zero
on the final exam. If the absence is excused, the student may make up the exam after the last
day of the semester. If the absence is unexcused, the exam may not be made up. Remember,
the final exam counts 10% of the final grade of the semester. Exempt students must be in
attendance for the duration of the morning review period.


The Fall Exemption Policy also applies to the Spring Semester with the following additional
exemptions allowed:

The 9th, 10th and 11th grade level students can be exempted from the EOC level course final
if the students have met standards on the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade EOC in the tested course,
have a minimum grade of 70% average in the EOC tested course, and have three or
fewer absences. Three excused tardies equal one absence for exemption purposes only.