Classroom Rules

1. Be Prompt- Be in your seat when it is time for class to begin.
2. Be Prepared-Bring necessary materials to class: textbooks, notebook,
paper, pencils/pens and turn all assignments in on time.
3. Be Attentive-Listen carefully, directions may not be repeated. Only one person
should be speaking at a time.
4. Be Responsible- Take care of supplies and equipment. Participate in class activites. Be
consideate of others.
5. Be Neat- Keep our classroom clean.
6. Be Respectful-Respect the Rights of Others! This is an Equal Opportunity classroom.
Please use the restroom between classes and at lunchtime only.

1. Warning-can be in any form.
2. Teacher-Student conference.
3. Parents contacted.
4. Administrative referral.
***Please note that depending on the infraction, steps 1, 2 and 3 will not be honored.
The student will be escorted or sent immediately to the office.